June 9, 2017 The Apex Disaster Team

Homeowner sues insurance company over alleged deceptive practices

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A man is suing his home insurance company because he says they were deceptive and uncooperative.

Bert Rivero had a refrigerator line bust June 2, so he called his insurance company, People’s Trust Insurance, to file a claim. Rivero said People’s Trust sent a company called Rapid Response to clean up all the water. Then his insurance company sent out an adjuster to asses the damage.

In Bert Rivero and many other homeowners’ cases, his insurance policy contains a practice called “managed repair” or “right to repair.” That clause means your insurance company will use its preferred contractor to repair your home, instead of giving you a check to find and pay a contractor of your choice. In Rivero’s case that means he gets a $75 discount every year on his insurance. But Rivero said after his experience, the discount was not worth the nightmare.

“He [the adjuster] comes over, he examines, he takes some readings but only readings in specific places,” Rivero said. “He tried to get me to sign a work authorization form, and I read through the initial page and it said you’re agreeing to the attached scope. Well, there was no attached scope. So I told him, I’m not going to sign this.”

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Source: WinkNews

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