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Are you ready to join APEX Disaster Specialists as a team member? We sure hope so. We have plenty of work, solid processes in place, and all the infrastructure needed to provide a life time of unity and stability. And we have a wonderful team that embraces each other’s’ successes. Providing care to our customers, communities, while providing care to each other and you.

Team Work At APEX Disaster Specialists In North Florida

Don't see a role that's right for you?

We would still encourage you to apply. Truly, if you have read over this webpage and find yourself wanting to join our team, we want you to contact us. We’re here and your pre-application is welcome. Please take a few minutes and use the webform below to send in your pre-application. This is just going to let us know that appreciate what we beleive in, as a company, and that you would like for APEX to consider you for future projects. Please send us your information.

Send us your Pre-Application

APEX Disaster Specialists appreciates you taking the time to read over this webpage to learn more about joining our team. Once we have received your pre-application we will be in touch. We really do appreciate you contacting us.

Where are you located?

APEX Disaster Specialists is headquartered in Freeport, Florida, but we do have multiple offices and facilites across North Florida to best serve our job sites and customers. Daily work location will vary.

APEX Disaster Specialists
15167 Highway 331 BR, Suite A
Freeport, Florida 32439

Who is the ideal applicant?

APEX Disaster Specialist is customer-first focused and works to complete task meticulously so that our customers can see and feel the care that we provide. We would want the applicant to have a desire to learn and grow into their best version. We want all of our team members to be doing great in life, always.

What type of work is this?

APEX Disaster Specialists provides property construction services across North Florida. We typically hire workers for such tasks, although we do build out our administrative staff routinely and this work will be performed at our headquarters in Freeport, Florida.

Can men or women apply?

APEX Disaster Specialists is an equal oppurtunity employer and encourage both men and women to apply for employment with us, if desired.

Do I need skills?

Depending on the tasks, certain skills will be needed to properly complete it to our level of satisfaction. We will not expect you to perform beyond your skillset, but we would expect all to seek to learn and master new skills routinely and consistently. We find this both rewarding and exciting.

Will APEX assist with training?

Absolutely. We will be standing with you all along with way. It is our honor & desire to help each person at APEX excel at all they do. And as you grow and master new skills you will advance and expand with us, too.

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